The secret to beautiful eyes

Your eyes are the most amazing feature of your face. Everyday a number of people look into it while talking to you. It is the window to our souls and therefor it is important to make-up your eyes beautifully.

When you are not a make-up artist, this can be a difficult job. Luckily we learned the secret to creating a professional look. I like to call it: the triple threat.

The triple threat requires applying 3 different shades on the lid of your eyes using a light, medium and dark colour. Here is the easy “how to” steps:

  1. Apply the light shade e.g metallic gold, on top of your whole lid.
  2. Apply the medium shade e.g medium purple, from the outer corner of your lid up to the center of your lid.
  3. Apply the dark shade e.g dark purple, in a v-shape (<) on top of the outer corner of your lid.
  4. Apply a thick liner from the outer to the inner corner of your eye.
  5. Apply multiple layers of mascara.

Photo credit: Anéne van der Merwe

Photo credit: Anéne van der Merwe

Now you’re ready to tease the guys with your eyes. Own it!


The Perfect store

Every person has their own unique style and we sometimes find it difficult to discover the perfect store to buy at. I had the same problem, bouncing around from store to store, until one day when I came across my heaven on earth. Knowing exactly where I can find clothing and accessories for my unique style saves me a lot of time and puts a smile on my face, seeing the end result.

Therefor I want to help you locate the perfect store for your style. In order to do this, we firstly need to determine your style. According to the Figures Modelling Agency (2008: 53-56) there is 4 types of style:

1.      Impulsive dresser

This person takes fashion risks. They dress impulsively and can not care less about what other people think. Their fashion icons are people like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Johnny Depp.

Photo credit:

2.      Romantic dresser

This person wears soft and feminine dresses and blouses. They wear light and romantic colours and love a flower pattern. Their style icons are people like Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton and Zac Efron.

Photo credit: Aneli van der Merwe

3.      Casual dresser

This person loves to wear jeans and t-shirts. They believe that comfort is key. When they want to dress up, they usually work around their jeans to do so. Their style icons include: Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Colin Farrell.

Photo credit: Chictopia

4.      Executive dresser

This person is known for wearing neutral colours like black, brown and white. They always look professional and polished. Their style icons include Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Bradley Cooper.

Photo credit:

Now that you have determined your style, see what stores can become your piece of heaven on earth:

1.      Impulsive dresser:

Iron FistKZN: Gateway (DBN), Idols (Musgrave centre DBN), Soho and Revolution – Pavillion.
EC: Johnos Skate shop (East London), Clash Apparel (Hartenbos Heuwels) and Surf centre (PE).
WP: Grounded (Melkbosstrand), Baseline Studios (CPT), Courage and Candy (Stellenbosch), Rust skate shop
(Claremont), Boogaloos (Canal Walk), Music Cavendish (CPT), Revolution (CPT) and Skatelab (George).
GP: Iron Fist (Centurion mall and The Zone Rosebank), Point Break (Stone Ridge Edenvale), Fast Forward
(Alberton), In Pieces (Bedfordview), Boo- Dna (Monte Casino), Omni Surf (Top Crop Centre), Fantasy
Casual wear (Eastgate mall Bedfordview), Boogaloos (Menlyn, Stoneridge, Brightwater, Cresta, East Rand
mall and Monte Casino), Revolution (Cresta, Festival and Menlyn), Sidewalk Surfer (Centurion, Clear-
water, East Rand, Kolonade, Carnival Mall and Northgate), Surf centre (Fourways), Toxic candy
(Cavendish glen), Full Throttle (Edenvale) and Surf Worx co (Green stone shopping centre).
FS: Rockabilly (Loch Logan Waterfront)
NW: Mighty Irons (Upper Level City Mall Klerksdorp), Sidewalk Surfer (Waterfall Mall Rustenburg)

ZootPTA: Menlyn Park shopping centre, Brooklyn Mall and Bylsbridge Promenade (Centurion).
DBN: Gateway shopping centre.
CPT: Canal Walk

Foxy – Sandton City (JHB)

2.      Romantic dresser:

Forever NewCPT: Canal Walk and V&A Waterfront.
GP: Clearwater, Cresta Randburg, Eastgate Bedfordview, Fourways, Melrose Arch, Sandton City,
The Glen, The Zone Rosebank and Woodlands.
Limpopo: Mall of the North Polokwane.
Mpumalanga: Nelspruit.

YDE – GP: Eastgate, Cresta, Rosebank, The Glen, Nelson Mandela Square, Menlyn, Centurion, Melrose Arch and
Sandton city.
KZN: Pavillion and Gateway.
WP: V&A Waterfront, Cavendish, Canal Walk, Somerset Mall and Tygervalley.
EC: Green Acres.
FS: Loch Logan.
East London: Hemingways.

Sissy Boy- GP: Woodlands Mall.
Stockists: Foschini (021 938 1911), Edgards (0860 692 274) and Stuttafords (011 879 1000)

3.      Casual Dresser:

Levis – GP: Centurion, Clearwater, Cresta, Eastgate, Maponya, Menlyn, Rosebank, Sandton, The Glen and Fourways.
WP: Cavendish, Century City and V&A Waterfront.
FS: Loch Logan.
KZN: Gateway.

Soviet – GP: Menlyn, The Glen, Sandton City and Fourways.
KZN: Gateway.

Guess – In most popular malls nationwide. Visit to locate your nearest store.

4.      Executive Dresser:

Queenspark – In most malls nationwide. Visit to locate your nearest store.

Wstudio at Woolworths – In most popular malls nationwide. Visit to locate you nearest store.

WWW at Foschini – In most malls nationwide. Visit www. to locate your nearest store.

Happy Shopping!

Making friends at Fashion School

People always say that the friends you meet at University, is the friends you keep for life. This statement was a big debate in my life as I stressed about making friends from scratch in the first place (don’t we all?).

To make matters worse, I was born shy. This made my “first day syndrome” even worse. So, nervous and a bit excited I walked with “fake it ‘till you make it” confidence through the doors of LISOF. I scanned the room for a friendly face and soon realised that I wasn’t the only one shaking in my boots. It made me relax more and then, out of the blue, came a friendly hallo.

Photo credit: Aneli van der Merwe

Not before long, Miss Hallo and I talked like we had known each other for years. Sharing laughs, tears and fashion shows, we became close and in a matter of a few months, I found someone I could trust my life with.

The statement? Well, I discovered that it was false, because you see the truth is: I didn’t meet a friend for life, I found the sister I never had…

Photo credit: Aneli van der Merwe

LISOF student life

MyBFF’s, I am a student at LISOF (London International School of Fashion) and I’m loving each day of it! Having your passion and desire as your job is one of the most amazing life satisfactions on earth. Therefor I want to keep you posted with my experiences at LISOF. This will include everything from making friends to discussions we have in class. Feel free to comment.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me. 🙂

sies! Isabelle S/S ’12/13 (SA Fashion Week) catwalk report

You could smell the ocean as the waves crashed over the speakers. Everybody in the room started to relax to the “oh so familiar sound” and then the show started with a bang.

The sies! Isabelle S/S ’12 collection lets your heart miss the beautiful coasts of South Africa. The collection portrays different shades and tints of blue, brown and purple with soft whites creeping out here and there. To show off the women’s figure and femininity is loose fitted dresses that flow romantically as the models stride down the runway.

Photo Credit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

The last dress left an impact on everyone being the stand-out of the collection. This one shoulder dress displays a strong contrast between deep and faded purples that draws the eyes in, leaving the heart with desire.

Photo credit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

sies! Isabelle took you on a journey to crystal clear waters and blue skies, ultimately generating an urge to own a piece of this wonderland.