JHB Fashion week 2012 disaster

After the JHB fashion week 2012 had taken place, the whole class of Fashion media 01 was in a buzz. Everyone had something to say about designers, celebrities and feeling like one themselves. One topic though, seemed to pop up in every conversation we had: how unprofessional and amateur our fashion shows are.

The first mishap was acted out for us by one of our students. He displayed in the most hilarious and unfortunately accurate way how one of the models lost her shoe and swore when it happened. This shows highly unprofessionalism and shocked us all. You never see it happening in Milan? It was explained in the class that a lot of times they don’t give the models the right size shoe and they need to squeeze or somehow fill it.

Photo credit: Disney Enterprises Inc 2010

Another problem was the power failure at the start of a show. The models kept on walking and no one could really see. Most shows also started 15 to 45 minutes late.

Photo credit: Scriptor Senex from http://www.scriptorsenex.blogspot.com

I know what you’re thinking: This is Africa and we are used to it, but isn’t it time we stop using it as an acceptable excuse and start demanding value for our time and money?


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