Mothers’ Day Presents

Hopefully you all know by now that this upcoming Sunday, the 13th, we are celebrating Mothers’ day! It is the one day of the entire year we give back to our moms, who “o so generously” do just about EVERYTHING for us during the other 364 days of the year.

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Now if you haven’t bought a prezzie yet, don’t get anxious. I have developed a list of the top 10 (in no particular order) presents, in my opinion, for Mothers across the nation:

  1. The most important thing to a Mom is her family. Make her smile by purchasing a beautiful photo frame and complete it by placing a family portrait inside.
  2. As a girl, you know that nothing makes you feel more special than a bouquet of flowers. Instead of giving it to her, arrange for a flower company to deliver it at her doorstep. She will LOVE the unexpected surprise.
  3. Taking care of the whole family 24/7 can be quite exhausting. Book a back and neck massage for your Mom at the nearest spa or beauty centre. Placécol beauty salons are quite affordable.
  4. Don’t have that much to spend? Write a CD with your Mom’s favourite songs. This thoughtful present will bring music to her ears, literally!
  5. The winter is approaching rapidly. Spoil your mom with a scarf in her favourite colour. Pair it up with a note for e.g. This is to keep you warm during the winter for all the times you kept us warm during a cold.
  6. Make up a whole basket of little treats she loves. Chocolates, little creams, slippers, magazines…you know what mommy loves best!
  7. Diamonds are a girls’ best friend, or in our budget, costume jewellery. American Swiss has great specials for Mothers’ Day with items that will add shine to your Moms life. One up it by engraving a piece.
  8. For those who have no budget at all, here is an idea. Mom is always cooking, making coffee, washing dishes etc., right? So, why not return the fav! Make a bunch of “voucher cards” that she can cash in. This includes giving her a massage, making coffee/tea for her, giving up the remote and so on. No expiry date ladies…
  9. Moms are not born smart, although we believe it at a certain age. Their secret: reading books. Those romantic love stories boost your brains with knowledge girls! Spoil your Mom with a book that you know she’ll love. This is great for some alone time.
  10. As women, it is our duty to always smell good. Buy Mom her favourite perfume. Too expensive? Go for the petite travelling size and pair it up with a soft shade of lipgloss, thus the perfect kit for Moms’ handbag.

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Just remember that breakfast in bed goes without saying. No present will be complete without it. It’s time to spoil your moms, ladies. They deserve it, I mean, look at what beautiful daughters they created! 😉


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