Your Heels keep it real

We can easily be misled by the way people act or talk, but your heels won’t lie. They can say more about your true character than you think. Your personality shines through them and they tell the truth about your character. Choose your favourite heels and discover what they say about you:

Studded heel

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If this heel draws your attention, you are a person that knows exactly what you want. You are not afraid to be different or to stand out. You are strong from the outside but deep inside of you is a huge heart filled with all the people you love. Your loyalty is one of your best qualities.

Sparkly heel

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You’re sexy and you know it! If this heel attracts you, you are the kind of girl with confidence and you’re fabulous. You love to dress fashionably and sexy. Boys are attracted to you because you challenge them and girls that are not your friends might be intimidated by you. You always stand out in a crowd and can’t care less about what other people say about you…I mean, you look great! So why would their opinion matter anyway?

Classic heel

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Elegant is the perfect word to describe you. You are a classy lady and most likely wear soft colours all year round. You have the best manners and always behave as a lady. A heart of gold is your best quality. Men have a lot of respect for you and girls feel honoured to be your friend…

Floral heel

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You are a girly girl and love the colour pink. You wear mostly soft fabric clothing and “pinkish” colours. A sweet personality is one of your best known characters and you generally act coy around boys. Like this heel, you come across as soft and romantic with a heart full of love.

High Fashion heel

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You are an absolute fashion diva! When a new trend arrives, you have it, wear it and own it. You love to dress up and perform. Peoples’ opinion mean nothing to you and you are not afraid to be who you are. Taking risks are part of your everyday life and you care about everyone. Friends love your energy and fun vibe. You truly are a fashion trendsetter…

Casual heel

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You are a happy-go-lucky type of person who loves sport and chilling with friends. When it comes to fashion, you keep it basic. This however, does not make you less attractive. Boys find your natural beauty appealing and sexy. You have a competitive side when it comes to sports and just about everything else. People enjoy hanging out with you because you are fun and adventurous. No challenge or fear can be big enough to scare you off…


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