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We all know that men and relationships can be difficult. The saying: Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, is not far from the truth! As girls we want to give love and spoil our boyfriends rotten. But when does it become too much? Another problem is actually getting your crush to like you back. It is a science of its own and we, no matter how hard we try, are no professor or scientist in this particular field.

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Luckily I bought the book Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons. This MyBFF’s, is a book worth reading, giving you tips for just about everything in life and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. It is in this book where I learned a lot of tips and rules for relationships. I made a summary for you that will hopefully help you in your relationship life.

Kimora Lee Simmons tips for romance [2006: 194-208]:

  1. It’s up to us to demand the best and show men the way we deserve  to be treated. (And I think we sometimes fail ourselves in that respect).
  2. “Never play games, tell him how you feel, be vulnerable and show your heart” – it’s so bogus! It drives me nuts because it’s just going to get a girl in trouble! A certain amount of thought and strategy has to go into romance because our whole aim here is to maintain dignity and be a little harder to win.
  3. Date for pleasure. Do it because it makes you laugh and you have a good time.
  4. Don’t be over-available. When a guy is calling you on Friday to go on vacation on Saturday, it means you were not the first one on his list. Say no! And eventually don’t you know those Friday night phone calls turned into Wednesday night phone calls and eventually Monday phone calls…
  5. I’ve always felt like women are worth so much, and we are so valuable and a lot of men don’t get it. And it’s up to each woman to show a man exactly how valuable we are.
  6. Ignore his craziness. We as women analyze every little thing that comes out of men’s mouths, but sometimes you’ve got to just pay their craziness no heed.
  7. Men are intimidated by power but also attracted to it. They can’t take beauty and brains, so they act totally nuts, like little kids who can’t make up their minds. So give them an unneedy woman, and they don’t know what to do! BUT they can be taught!
  8. Set yourself apart. Make conscious decisions to behave differently from other woman. It’s about doing little things that make yourself individual and special.
  9. Be prepared to walk away. I was always willing to walk away. Not because I didn’t love him, but I knew what I wanted and was evaluating whether it was the right fit.
  10. Put yourself first. Don’t be the woman who needs that man; want him, work for him, love his corny sense of humor…but you know you’ll survive just fine without him, too.
  11. Don’t expect fairy tales. (aren’t we all guilty of this one?).
  12. Believe your cheat-meter. [Don’t be this girl] Their man is fooling around on them, and they probably know it inside but refuse to see it.
  13. Be clear about what you will and will not stand for.
  14. Communication is key to everything. Pick your battles and let some things go, but if something’s bothering you, you should speak up about it or you’ll blow like a pressure cooker.
  15. It’s not true that you have to find the person who wants to do every little thing with you. More important is to have great communication, talk to one another, maintain honesty, and laugh a lot. That’s what keeps the glue tight. Do you have fun together, or not.
    [All rights reserved: Fabulosity, what it is & how to get it by Kimora Lee Simmons]

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    Use these guidelines and see the improvement happen. We need to be a bit sneaky in life. Guys are difficult to understand, but with these tips we might beat them at their own game.

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    I leave you with the words of Mary J. Blige: “You might be having a bad day, and he might be having a bad day. But who will put on a smile so that the other person can have a good day?”.


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    Hello there ~! It’s good to find blogs like this .. Thanks for sharing your ideas regarding dating advice for women ! Keep it up!


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