Surviving the photoshoot

The next step in my Miss Spring Show journey was a photoshoot. This was always the most stressful part for me in competitions, as it is difficult to get that one perfect shot. Luckily I have watched a few programs, America’s next top model at the top of my list, in order to improve my confidence and skills.

These skills are necessary for everyone of us, as we are ladies and we do like to take nice photos, whether we are models or not. Therefore I want to share some of my tips with you.


  1. Remember that everything can be in the photo, from head to toe. Therefore it is important to ensure that your nails are done, even if they are just clipped properly.
  2. Always shave as closest to the time of the shoot as possible. The quality of photos these days are excellent and so all the finer details are captured. You don’t want black hair sticking out that can cause embarrassment.
  3. Lay your whole outfit out on your bed. Make sure that it fits properly and that you will be comfortable to pose in all positions.
  4. When it comes to clothing you should avoid the following: boob tubes (you may appear naked in your head shots), polo neck shirts and knits (this will make your head look bigger) and too many patterns (you will be lost in the photo and the attention will be on the outfit and not you).
  5. Remember that if you have a dark skin, don’t wear all white just as you shouldn’t wear all black when you have a white skin. Cameras work with light sensitivity settings. This will cause that your head will be very dark and fade into the background in the first scenario. In the second scenario, it will make your face very pale and there will be too much light on it.
  6. Make-up: your make-up must be age appropriate, competition appropriate and outfit/style appropriate. It must be done darker as the flash of the camera reflects a lot of light. These two rules are very important: DO NOT wear a base/foundation with SPF in it as it will reflect the flash of the camera and make your skin pale and white on the photo. And DO NOT put heavy eye-liner on your bottom lash line. This looks very unnatural on the photo. Rather use your shadow as the liner in a dark brown colour as it will soften the line.
  7. Research different poses in magazines and on the internet and practice them in front of the mirror. When you know different poses, you are more confident and you will feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Photo credit: Lucinda Schoeman

The shoot

  1. When you arrive on set, firstly greet the photographer with a handshake. Introduce yourself and be friendly. When you have talked to the photographer, you will be more relaxed around him or her.
  2. Always pose in different ways and positions, but it is important to let the one flow onto the next. Don’t go sit and stand and then sit again. Just turn your head slightly, move slowly and let every pose flow into one another.
  3. Flirt with the camera. This is the oldest trick in the book, but it really works! Pretend it is your boyfriend or your crush and flirt on.
  4. The most important skill I can give you is CONFIDENCE. When you are confident on set, your picture shows it! And there is nothing more attractive and beautiful then a confident women. Move around, smile with your eyes and believe in yourself. Be sexy and believe you are sexy. The photographer will feel your energy and the camera will love it!

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