3 Inexpensive things to do in Cape Town

I have been to Cape Town this week in search of fun things to do while I’m there. I am just that type of person who loves discovering new and interesting places. There were three places that caught my attention and the best part about them was their prices!

The next time you are visiting, be sure to visit them for a bit of adventure. Remember your camera…

Start your day off at World of Birds in Houtbaai

It is a bird and monkey sanctuary where you can enter the cages of the animals and experience them on a personal level. This will cause your heart to skip a beat as the monkeys jump above you and climb on you, while owls stare at you with those big scary eyes. You can experience this for less than R100 p.p. Your student card will give you extra discount.

The next activity is the Castle 

This is the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town.

Built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) as a maritime replenishment station, the Castle of Good Hope is the oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa (castleofgoodhope.co.za).

From 1678 it was the centre of civilian, administrative and military life at the Cape, until the settlement grew and some functions and activities moved away from the Castle. Today the Castle is the seat of the military in the Cape, and houses the Castle Military Museum and Iziko Museums of Cape Town (William Fehr Collection) (castleofgoodhope.co.za).

You can take the most beautiful photos at this building and see how the people of the earlier times lived. The entrance fee is R28 for adults and R12 for students, so remember your student card!


Your last stop is to fill your tummy at Burger Fair in Bellville

We all got to know the now famous Burger Fair through Jack Parow’s Music video “Cooler as ekke”. Experience the old fashioned roadhouse set in Bellville. Your food is delivered at your car and you eat in it. This is loads of fun with friends and family. My favourite is the Milo milkshake for as low as R9! It is the perfect place to end your inexpensive, adventurous day in Cape Town…

Enjoy my fellow BFF’S!


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