Cause you’re amazing just the way you are…

Love to play sports = Jock
Don’t like sports = Loser

Study hard for good grades = Nerd
Don’t study hard = Washout

Dress beautifully = Barbie Doll
Don’t like to dress in the latest fashion = Ugly nobody

No matter what we seem to do, it is never good enough for the people in this world. The worst part is that this stereotype mayhem doesn’t disappear the day you leave High School. Instead it follows you around at University and in general life, creeping out in every corner where you avoid following the status quo.

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Famous singer Jay-Z once said: But I know any type of success breeds envy. And that MyBFF’s is the point!! We get so caught up in this horrible system, that we don’t see the bigger picture. The reason why people bully you and tease you is not because you are a loser or washout or whatever names they like to call you. I mean, if you really were one, why on earth would these people even care to inform you about it? In fact, you wouldn’t matter to them at all! But when you rise above the system and start to stand out, the problems start. Bullies and “mean girls” don’t like you stealing the spotlight and being happy. The reason? They’re not happy with their own lives and don’t have the guts to rise above, so instead they lower you to their level.

I’ve experienced this a lot in my High School years. I am one big fashion diva! Always wearing my own trends, bright colours and those heels that take you a little bit closer to heaven. This however, didn’t work for a lot of the other girls at the “get togethers” and parties. I stood out and I looked fabulous, filled with just the right amount of confidence. And that startled them, as they didn’t have the guts to pull this look off. Therefore, trying to bring me down to their level. What did I do in response to this? The next time I wore an even more fashionable outfit with higher heels. That’s how I roll, because haters gonna hate and I love getting a reaction out of them because I use it as my motivation. If you spend so much time and energy talking about me and trying to pull me down…boi then I must have something special! [Just like all of you!].

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Now I know that some bullies can be a lot worse in the stuff that they do and the stories they spread. The important part is to know your friends [the real ones] and believe me, they are all you need! Quality is better than quantity and it is these handful, that will stick to your side no matter what [I myself only had a few friends in High School but we had the best times of our lives]. So stories spread, and I realized who my best friends were, but I felt it was unfair that the people who didn’t know me, judged me by the stories they have heard. I wasn’t given a fair chance, but then my mom gave me the best advice ever. You can never talk a story dead, you can only live it dead. And so I did, just going on with my everyday life and showing people that I am a different person that what these people had spread me to be. This irritating my bullies even more.

You see, the things I was bullied about, like being smart and sticking to my values, I did even more! Because I knew that it is these things that challenged my bullies and intimidated them. It is these things that makes me unique and who I am as a person, which is PERFECT in God’s eyes. So if you have freckles, show them off! If you like playing the violin, do it in front of an audience! If your grades are important to you, study for your straight A’s! Do what you’re good at and show off what is unique about you! We all have a “freak” side. I cry in movies and tell the lamest jokes in world history [laughing at them on my own!]. But so what!? I am happy! I am me! And I am not going to change for anyone! Cause the people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter!

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The right guy will love you just the way you are and your best friends won’t let you do these freaky things…alone! You will never be happy if you listen to what the world has to say and what they think. The movie “Fat like me” states it perfectly: If the world says mean things about you, it is their problem. BUT if you let it run your life, it’s yours. So why let it? I say be yourself, your true self. Use your talents and show off the things you are bullied about. When you are called fat: show off those beautiful curves! Maybe you’re called a geek: who cares! One day you’re going to be the boss [duh?]. So work it girl and don’t hold back. Bullies can only ruin your life when you allow them to. They’re unhappy so why would their opinion even matter? They are missing out on one amazing life! So just live yours! And remember:

Don’t let the world tell you who you are, the decision is yours

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