Dress your BF

The benefits of having a boyfriend is helping him with style. I always liked men’s fashion more than women’s fashion. I don’t know…there’s just something about a sexy guy dressing in a manly, fashionable way [I know you agree]. Therefore, I made a list with all the sexiest styles for your BF!

Rainbow denim

Coloured skinnies and denim are one of the hottest trends right now!

Photo credit: esquire.co.uk

Pair this trend up with a blue denim shirt for a “can’t keep my hands off you” look.

Photo credit: lovefashion.co.za

Sexy shirt: Check!

With Dallas returning to our screens, checked shirts have emerged again. This manly trend is definitely going to steal a few hearts this season.

Photo credit: allensecret.blogspot.com

Photo credit: facegoing.com

Revenge of the Nerds

Being smart is back in fashion and boi am I glad about that? Nothing is more handsome than an intelligent man who dresses successfully. So here is to making geek, chic.

Photo credit: nerdwithheels.com

Photo credit: main.stylelist.com

Roll up the hotness (TREND ALERT)

Patterned Rolled up sleeves, shorts are a rising trend starting to sneak up on us. Get this latest trend for your BF before everyone else does!

Photo credit: ebay.com

Photo credit: amazon.com

Mint anyone?

Mint colour is a huge trend at the moment. Incorporate it into a basic like a T-shirt.

Photo credit: ssense.com

Photo credit: ssense.com

In his shoes

Throw away his old, bulky sneakers and replace it with updated, trendy CVO sneakers.

Photo credit: en.sperrytopsider.nl

Photo credit: brandcatcher.com

Top it off with a straw Fedora

Photo credit: justjared.com

Photo credit: justjared.com

Where to shop for these trendy looks?

My top 5 are:

  1. Markhams
  2. Guess
  3. YDE
  4. Truworths Man

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