MyBFF’s “what” at first sight…

Irresistible eyes (preferably blue) and strong arms and shoulders that can hold you…these are the first things that catches my eye when meeting a guy for the first time. It is also the physical features that makes me weak in the knees! When it comes to personality, confidence and a good laugh is always key.

Here is what some of you had to say about what you first notice in a guy and makes your heart melt…

Charné, 20

“In the summer I usually look at a guy’s legs…if he has beautiful legs, he is usually attractive. Otherwise I also love a guy with a beautiful smile and nice hair.”


Michelle, 19

“Hmmmm confidence!”


Monique, 19

“Definitely his eyes…the bluer the better!”


Marizelle, 19

“I look at his smile or his back…or wait, his hands? [Laughs] Can’t decide.”


Tanya, 19

“I first notice his eyes and that first eye-contact that lasts for a few seconds…”


Anneke, 24

“For me, the most attractive thing about a man is his face and I love his legs, and then, obviously, the way he smells!”


Angeliz, 16

“When a guy makes jokes and has confidence.”



So, what is your x-factor?


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