The Great Gatsby Trend

With the premiere of the movie The Great Gatsby approaching on us, a new trend is likely to emerge. We discussed this trend in our trend analysis class and I was quite interested to see it for myself. While researching on the Internet, I found a new set desire in my heart to become this fabulous.

Think short hair with cloches. Think classic yet glamorous outfits. Think 1920’s!

The movie’s stylist, Catherine Martin [], dresses the characters in her “modern take” on the 1920’s fashion and portrays what I consider a classic, powerful woman.

Photo credit: – Hulton Archive/Warner Bros.

Photo credit: – Hulton Archive/Warner Bros.

Photo credit: – Hulton Archive/Warner Bros.

I’ve seen this trend already emerging in our stores and lives, which is no surprise to me. As women in our modern society, we have become powerful and strong. We fight for what we believe in and demand value for everything we give in this life. We love, we care, we support and we provide. So why not dress powerful and sexy at the same time? Why not look as classy as we really are?

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Therefore MyBFF’s, if you are ready to show your true colours and that you believe in yourself, it’s time to start this movement. Don’t be scared. Give your modern take on this fashion trend of the 1920’s and be the girl who the guys desire and the girls want to be…


Make-up colour theory

Colour theory is a body of practical guidance to colour mixing and the visual impacts of specific colour combinations (Google dictionary – web definitions). Colour theory and its impacts were one of the most interesting discussions we had in class. The effect of the right colours was mind blowing and I would like to share this “rainbow secret” with you…

Colour schemes. I found these two working the best:


This refers to three colours that are equal distances apart and form a triangle on the colour wheel. When you use these colours together it forms a beautiful play of colours. My favourite triadic to use is yellow, violet and orange.

Photo credit: Elessa from


Next to chocolate, this is the best discovery for women. It is two colours opposite of each other on the colour wheel. When they are placed together, everything becomes brighter and more intense. Play around with your eye-colour. Use a shade/tint of red for green eyes or orange for blue eyes. If you have brown eyes, you are lucky because any colour suits you.

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Remember that you can use the schemes on different features of your face (e.g. blue eye-shadow and an orange lip). Practice makes perfect!

JHB Fashion week 2012 disaster

After the JHB fashion week 2012 had taken place, the whole class of Fashion media 01 was in a buzz. Everyone had something to say about designers, celebrities and feeling like one themselves. One topic though, seemed to pop up in every conversation we had: how unprofessional and amateur our fashion shows are.

The first mishap was acted out for us by one of our students. He displayed in the most hilarious and unfortunately accurate way how one of the models lost her shoe and swore when it happened. This shows highly unprofessionalism and shocked us all. You never see it happening in Milan? It was explained in the class that a lot of times they don’t give the models the right size shoe and they need to squeeze or somehow fill it.

Photo credit: Disney Enterprises Inc 2010

Another problem was the power failure at the start of a show. The models kept on walking and no one could really see. Most shows also started 15 to 45 minutes late.

Photo credit: Scriptor Senex from

I know what you’re thinking: This is Africa and we are used to it, but isn’t it time we stop using it as an acceptable excuse and start demanding value for our time and money?

The secret to beautiful eyes

Your eyes are the most amazing feature of your face. Everyday a number of people look into it while talking to you. It is the window to our souls and therefor it is important to make-up your eyes beautifully.

When you are not a make-up artist, this can be a difficult job. Luckily we learned the secret to creating a professional look. I like to call it: the triple threat.

The triple threat requires applying 3 different shades on the lid of your eyes using a light, medium and dark colour. Here is the easy “how to” steps:

  1. Apply the light shade e.g metallic gold, on top of your whole lid.
  2. Apply the medium shade e.g medium purple, from the outer corner of your lid up to the center of your lid.
  3. Apply the dark shade e.g dark purple, in a v-shape (<) on top of the outer corner of your lid.
  4. Apply a thick liner from the outer to the inner corner of your eye.
  5. Apply multiple layers of mascara.

Photo credit: Anéne van der Merwe

Photo credit: Anéne van der Merwe

Now you’re ready to tease the guys with your eyes. Own it!

Making friends at Fashion School

People always say that the friends you meet at University, is the friends you keep for life. This statement was a big debate in my life as I stressed about making friends from scratch in the first place (don’t we all?).

To make matters worse, I was born shy. This made my “first day syndrome” even worse. So, nervous and a bit excited I walked with “fake it ‘till you make it” confidence through the doors of LISOF. I scanned the room for a friendly face and soon realised that I wasn’t the only one shaking in my boots. It made me relax more and then, out of the blue, came a friendly hallo.

Photo credit: Aneli van der Merwe

Not before long, Miss Hallo and I talked like we had known each other for years. Sharing laughs, tears and fashion shows, we became close and in a matter of a few months, I found someone I could trust my life with.

The statement? Well, I discovered that it was false, because you see the truth is: I didn’t meet a friend for life, I found the sister I never had…

Photo credit: Aneli van der Merwe

LISOF student life

MyBFF’s, I am a student at LISOF (London International School of Fashion) and I’m loving each day of it! Having your passion and desire as your job is one of the most amazing life satisfactions on earth. Therefor I want to keep you posted with my experiences at LISOF. This will include everything from making friends to discussions we have in class. Feel free to comment.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me. 🙂