Make-up colour theory

Colour theory is a body of practical guidance to colour mixing and the visual impacts of specific colour combinations (Google dictionary – web definitions). Colour theory and its impacts were one of the most interesting discussions we had in class. The effect of the right colours was mind blowing and I would like to share this “rainbow secret” with you…

Colour schemes. I found these two working the best:


This refers to three colours that are equal distances apart and form a triangle on the colour wheel. When you use these colours together it forms a beautiful play of colours. My favourite triadic to use is yellow, violet and orange.

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Next to chocolate, this is the best discovery for women. It is two colours opposite of each other on the colour wheel. When they are placed together, everything becomes brighter and more intense. Play around with your eye-colour. Use a shade/tint of red for green eyes or orange for blue eyes. If you have brown eyes, you are lucky because any colour suits you.

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Remember that you can use the schemes on different features of your face (e.g. blue eye-shadow and an orange lip). Practice makes perfect!