Kathrin Kidger (KZN Fashion Council) Catwalk Report A/W ’12

Photography done by SDR Photo

Soft, romantic, feminine. The Autumn/Winter ’12 collection by Kathrin Kidger, shown at AFI Fashion week, reminds you somewhat of a soft colour painting that draws you in and brings a relaxing feel to the room.

Every outfit flows perfectly as the models strut down the runway, giving a sense of romance to the collection.

Light oranges, greens, yellows and blues are repeated in the designs and are strong colours that can represent a women’s enthusiasm, strong character, happiness and wisdom. The collars of the outfits vary from halter-necks and round necks. Both flattering the body, but the halter gives more of a sexy feel to the outfits.

Photography done by SDR Photo

The stand out would definitely be the bronze biker jacket with silver/grey ankle pants and a gold sequence shirt completing the outfit. The colour and materials is in a strong contrast to the rest of the outfits and gives an edge to the collection.

Flattering your body and falling right into place, this collection left the audience with a new sense of confidence and showed that: Girls, we do run the world!