To talk or to stop talking? [That is the question…]

We all know that there is a fine line between best friends and frenemies. Unfortunately, we don’t always realise which version our friends are until it’s too late. Therefore I have decided to make a list of when you should talk to your friend about something she did and when it’s time to cut the cord and stop talking.

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Stop Talking

She didn’t attend one of your important events like your party. She constantly has excuses when you want to hang out.
You are not sure whether you can trust her with one of your biggest secrets. You always need to think about what you are saying in front of her, afraid that she might tell.
Her number of messages and phone calls reduced over the past few weeks. She only contacts you when she needs something.
She doesn’t like your boyfriend. She flirts and secretly contacts your boyfriend.
She excluded you from an event or group. She forces you in doing things you don’t like or agree with.
She doesn’t support you as much through a difficult time. She tries to “fish out” all the details of your problem without caring about how you feel.


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Just remember the saying MyBFF’s: Don’t make someone a priority in your life if you’re only an option in theirs!